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About Jack

Jack is a producer based in Manchester, UK. He primarily works with Indie, Folk, Acoustic and Rock artists, along with producing podcasts.

Jack studied Music Production at University and achieved a First Class Honours Degree - his dissertation was based on mixing & recording music in which he worked with a number of artists to produce their music.

He has been playing guitar for over 13 years, and is the guitarist and backing vocalist for the band Albion, a folk metal band whose music can be heard here. He is also a live and session musician, and played with the 70s band Jethro Tull for several tours in 2022 whilst their bassist took some time off, touring across Europe.

Quick note about mastering: we're not a Mastering studio. Whilst it is something we can offer if your budget does not allow for hiring another engineer, it is always best practice to have your music mastered by a professional mastering engineer. When you get in touch about my other services we can recommend some excellent mastering engineers who will do a stellar job!

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