What we offer:


I can make it easier for you to mix your own music with professional editing. This can include;
- Quantising your live drums. 
- Adding midi triggers to your Kick, Snare or Toms to use your own samples.
- Phase aligning so that they are mix-ready.
- Natural-sounding vocal tuning.



I will mix your track to a high professional standard (please check out my portfolio here to see if my sound is right for you). I mix in-the-box using a range of plugins including FabFilter, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital and Soundtoys, along with access to a studio with excellent outboard gear should you want this as well. Unlimited revisions and quick turn around times.



Want me to record your track? I have access to two studios in Manchester with top-of-the-range equipment, including SSL and Audient consoles, ATC and Genelec monitoring, Neumann, AKG and Shure microphones, analogue outboard and mic pre's from brands like Neve, API and Warm Audio, along with two live rooms ideal for tracking drums, guitar, piano and vocals. Want me to engineer at a studio of your choice? I'll book this for you and include the cost in my day rate.


Podcasts Production

Have a podcast?? We can produce the whole thing from editing the audio to finalising the video for YouTube.